Fishgate is a through-the-line advertising agency situated near Bellville in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We facilitate brand development by conceptualising creative ideas in areas such as advertising, design, marketing, copywriting and web development to align brand communication. We have conceptualised work for clients in both local and global markets, from internationally recognised artists to businesses in the corporate environment. Fishgate’s current client base includes the education sector, automotive industry, retail and various NGOs. The growing social media market allows us to create digital marketing and advertising campaigns, stretching a brand’s potential to a digital audience.
Poster - Vuka Scuta

This poster was created purely to advertise the Vuka XL110, one of Vuka Scuta’s most affordable offerings.

Poster - Vuka Scuta

Another poster for Vuka Scuta – this time focusing on the space-saving benefit of owning a Vuka Scuta.

Poster - Vuka Scuta

This tactical poster was created for Vuka Scuta in a time when the petrol price reached a new high.  

Poster - Vuka Scuta

This poster was created as part of a Vuka Scuta “Helmet Hair” campaign.

Poster - Vuka Scuta

This tactical Women’s Day poster was created for Vuka Scuta and was featured on Ads of the World.

Radio Commercial - Vuka Scuta

This radio commercial was written and produced by our team for Vuka Scuta.

Website - Vuka Scuta

Fishgate designed this website for Vuka Scuta. Featured below is a few screenshots of the website.

Banners - Vuka Scuta

These Pull-up Banners were created for Vuka Scuta.

Print Adverts - Vuka Scuta

Fishgate created these 2 Print Adverts for Vuka Scuta.

T-Shirts - Vuka Scuta

Who can resist a free t-shirt? We know we can’t! These t-shirts were designed for Vuka Scuta to be used for promotional giveaway purposes.

Radio Commercials - Vuka Scuta

The following two radio commercials were written and recorded for Vuka Scuta.