Fishgate is a through-the-line advertising agency situated near Bellville in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We facilitate brand development by conceptualising creative ideas in areas such as advertising, design, marketing, copywriting and web development to align brand communication. We have conceptualised work for clients in both local and global markets, from internationally recognised artists to businesses in the corporate environment. Fishgate’s current client base includes the education sector, automotive industry, retail and various NGOs. The growing social media market allows us to create digital marketing and advertising campaigns, stretching a brand’s potential to a digital audience.
Staff Campaign - PEP

We recently had the amazing opportunity to do some work for PEPCOR, the parent company of PEP. The project entailed an internal campaign to inform and excite staff in the sourcing departments about the company’s new product sourcing tool called PLM, which for the “abbreviation-hating” public stands for Product Lifecycle Management. We identified that the…

Corporate Identity - Southchester

After developing their logo, the following CI elements were created for Southchester – a corporate investment firm based in Cape Town.

Corporate Identity - Ctrack

Ctrack is a specialist fleet management and vehicle tracking company. It provides tracking systems to private vehicle owners, as well as advanced machine-to-machine communication and telematics solutions that add value to a global client base. Fishgate was responsible for a complete redesign of the brand – starting with the Corporate Identity. Elements created for Ctrack…

Logo - Ctrack

The new logo was designed to reflect the technologically advanced nature of Ctrack and its products. As you can see, we tried to create the impression of travelling signals by placing two additional “C’s” around the main “C”. This works really well to emphasise “movement” and the subtle repetition of the “C” is our sneaky…

Corporate Identity Overview - Henk Moolman

Henk Moolman is an optometrist located in Wellington. His business doesn’t form part of a large franchise. Therefore, we decided that his corporate identity would consist of elements that are also unique and one of a kind. However, we did also realise that the elements must work together. So, with all that in mind, we…

Corporate Identity - Benguela Minerals

We designed this logo for Benguela Minerals – a mining company.

Corporate Identity - Lionel Smit

Esteemed artist and sculptor, Lionel Smit, approached us to develop his “brand’s” corporate identity. Features here is the logo we developed for him, as well as various stationery items that flowed from it.

Corporate Identity - Ramot

We recently created a new corporate identity for Ramot. Ramot is a holistic alcohol, pill and drug addiction treatment facility. They aim to do more than simply break the cycle of addiction, instead their approach to drug and alcohol rehab enables physical, psychological and spiritual healing. Their unique approach, which includes intensive, individual attention, ensures…

Corporate Identity - Shiloh Synergy

This logo was developed for Shiloh Synergy – a group of projects committed to the holistic upliftment of underprivileged communities in the Western Cape.

Corporate Identity - Inner Fruits

Fishgate developed two logos for Inner Fruits – a centre that offers a range of natural healing products and advocates healthy living both spiritually and through diet. In addition to their company logo, we created a logo for Intravit – a product range developed and sold by Inner Fruits.

Corporate Identity - Lyon & Partners

We developed a Corporate Identity for Lyon & Partners – an electrical engineering company based in Vanderbijlpark. Work done for them includes: Logo and Business Card (as seen here), as well as a Corporate Folder, Letterhead, etc. Business Card (Front): Business Card (Back):

Logo - Mellerware

Mellerware – a small appliance company that was established over 27 years ago – approaced Fishgate to redesign their company logo. Featured here is the redesigned logo, as well as the company’s old logo.

Corporate Identity - Ambegeto

This logo was designed for Ambegeto Water Estate – a supreme waterfront development in the heart of the North West Province, at the Klerksdorp Dam.

Corporate Identity - Saad Investments

Saad Investements – an investment firm that focuses primarily on financial services sector. In addition to designing the company logo, we also created their Business Cards, Website, etc.