Fishgate is a through-the-line advertising agency situated near Bellville in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We facilitate brand development by conceptualising creative ideas in areas such as advertising, design, marketing, copywriting and web development to align brand communication. We have conceptualised work for clients in both local and global markets, from internationally recognised artists to businesses in the corporate environment. Fishgate’s current client base includes the education sector, automotive industry, retail and various NGOs. The growing social media market allows us to create digital marketing and advertising campaigns, stretching a brand’s potential to a digital audience.
Website - Henk Moolman

Along with the development of Henk Moolman’s Corporate Identity, we also designed and coded a website for his optometry practice. As you can see, this website is heavily inspired by optometry industry, as it should be. To view this website, please visit  

Logo - Henk Moolman

To position Henk Moolman as a unique brand, we decided on a logo design that would essentially stay the same across elements, but would feature a unique line of text every time – that fits with the specific element. For more information, please see the overview.

Window Decal - Henk Moolman

As part of Henk Moolman’s Corporate Identity development, we created this window decal for his “shop window”. For more information, please see the overview.

Spectacle Case and Cloth - Henk Moolman

Another element designed as part of Henk Moolman’s Corporate Identity – a spectacle case and cloth featuring the brand logo and item specific pay-off line. For more information, please see the overview.

Letterhead - Henk Moolman

No Corporate Identity is complete with out a letterhead. So naturally, we created one for Henk Moolman. For more information, please see the overview. Back:

Business Card - Henk Moolman

The business card that we created as part of Henk Moolman’s Corporate Identity, is two-sided and unfolds to reveal a bigger version of the same card – for people who struggle to read small text. For more information, please see the overview.  

Corporate Identity Overview - Henk Moolman

Henk Moolman is an optometrist located in Wellington. His business doesn’t form part of a large franchise. Therefore, we decided that his corporate identity would consist of elements that are also unique and one of a kind. However, we did also realise that the elements must work together. So, with all that in mind, we…

Posters - Henk Moolman

Henk Moolman, an optometrist based in Wellington, approached our agency to do a campaign for his newly-opened practice. We saw it as a rather refreshing challenge to do an Afrikaans campaign for this small town business, and jumped right into the conceptualising of an idea. The posters featured here encourage people to come for an…