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Gift Bag - DITP

Bags were specially made for the event – containing wine from South African winery, Nitida, and other Thai goodies for guest to take home. For more information, please see the overview.

Event Branding - DITP

We achieved a cohesive look and feel between the venue and the items we created by also incorporating the design elements on banners, slideshow presentations, nameplates, the table plan, etc. For more information, please see the overview.

Menu - DITP

The menu was designed as an “on-the-table” element – featuring both the dishes and accompanying wines for the evening. For more information, please see the overview.

Restaurant Directory - DITP

To ensure that guests could easily have another delicious Thai cuisine experience after the event, a restaurant directory featuring prominent Thai restaurants throughout South Africa, was also created. For more information, please see the overview.

Invitation - DITP

Personalised invites were hand-delivered to each guest. Included with the invite was a range of cards providing snippets of information about traditional Thai ingredients. For more information, please see the overview.

Project Overview - DITP

At the end of 2012, Fishgate organised Thai Kitchen to South Africa on behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy. This event was held to celebrate Thai cuisine in the local market, and simultaneously create awareness of the quality produce that Thailand has to offer. The Thai-themed evening consisted of delicious dishes prepared by Thai chefs…

Website - DITP

This website was created as a contact point for media representatives who attended the Thai Kitchen to South Africa launch event. For more information, please see the overview. To view this website, please visit