Fishgate is a through-the-line advertising agency situated near Bellville in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We facilitate brand development by conceptualising creative ideas in areas such as advertising, design, marketing, copywriting and web development to align brand communication. We have conceptualised work for clients in both local and global markets, from internationally recognised artists to businesses in the corporate environment. Fishgate’s current client base includes the education sector, automotive industry, retail and various NGOs. The growing social media market allows us to create digital marketing and advertising campaigns, stretching a brand’s potential to a digital audience.
Diary 2013 - Boland College

Featured here is the 2013 Diary that we designed for Boland College. As with previous years, these diaries are campus-specific.

Diary 2012 - Brights Hardware

Brights Hardware is known for handing out diaries to their trade clients at the end of the year. The one featured here was designed for 2012.

Diary 2011 - Brights Hardware

In 2011, Brights Hardware celebrated their 40th year in business. As this was a big milestone for the company, the “40 year birthday” messaging was used on various elements, including the cover of the 2011 diary.

Diary 2011 - Boland College

We created campus-spesific diaries like the one featured below for Boland College.

Diary 2010 - Brights Hardware

Another diary that Fishgate designed for Brights Hardware, this time for 2010.

Dairy 2009 - Brights Hardware

Featured here is the 2009 Brights Diary. 

Diary 2012 - Boland College

Campus-specific diaries were created for all 5 of Boland College’s campuses.

Diary 2009 - Boland College

Campus-specific diaries were created for all 5 of Boland College’s campuses.

Diary 2008 - Brights Hardware

This 2008 dairy was created for Brights Hardware. 

Diary 2016 - Boland College

The Fishgate team designed Boland College’s annual student diaries which are distributed to all five campuses in the Western Cape. The 2016 ‘Diary of a Boss’ illustrates how the college keeps their students informed and independent with pages full of campus orientation information. Pictured here is the design for the Stellenbosch campus student diaries.